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Beyond Solutions is your one and only source for finding answers beyond this world. Connect with loved ones taken too early, gain advice from ancestors and deceased experts, seek out information taken to the great beyond. Anything you need to learn from those who have passed on, Beyond Solutions can find an answer for you! Thousands have been satisfied by Beyond Solutions’ services in their personal lives, relationships, and businesses. Beyond Solutions – Life Goes On, Even Beyond!

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Since the early 1920s, we have been giving clients peace of mind, hope for the future, and a release of griefs. This family business has been kept alive by Erin Olson, the great-granddaughter of founder June Olson.


Article announcing the opening of Beyond Solutions in 1922

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Why Hire Us?


It all started when…

Outside the natural world is another layer, a world inhabited by people who have moved on from this one but have not yet completed their journey to the Beyond. This layer is known as the Other Side and there are people who have the ability to peek into this world. Professional psychics can even channel their energy into this space and ‘find’ those still trapped between worlds. Loved ones can be reached and if you feel that you are being contacted from the Other Side or wish to contact someone who might be on the Other Side, inquire with Beyond Solutions and our professional psychics will walk you through the process.


Client Reviews

Without Erin’s help, I never would have known that I could feel this peaceful about my brother’s passing.
— Omar Nader
Erin connected me with my sister. I was able to assure her that her 2 daughters were ok at my house and that they missed her so much. She was finally able to find peace.
— Savannah Jamison
The Beyond Solution’s team are rockstars! Giving so much and spreading a message of spiritual connection!
— José Ramos
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Beyond Solutions
In Action

We believe in transparency, no tricks or gimmicks with what our professional mediums do on the field. Below we have provided evidence of our founder, Erin Olson, on the documentary Haunted By the Dead.